Cygwin testing coverage with MSFT NFSv3?

Cedric Blancher
Mon Aug 21 05:21:00 GMT 2023

Good morning!

Is Cygwin tested with NFSv3 shares on a regular basis, maybe CI? For
example install Cygwin, then build all Cygwin software packages on a
NFS share, instead of NTFS?

Also, is there a script to checkout the sources of Cygwin software
packages, and then build the software packages? (Cygwin software
packages, not Cygwin itself!!)

I am asking, because nasty bugs (at least 1, /usr/bin/mkfifo does not
work on NFS share) have crept in. And I do not want to see those bugs
again, even if I have to set up CI for each single Cygwin commit
myself - i.e. grab commit, build Cygwin, install it, mount NFS share,
build all software on that NFS share.

Cedric Blancher <>
Institute Pasteur

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