Test for Windows Administrator permissions from Cygwin terminal|script?

ASSI Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sat Aug 19 08:14:54 GMT 2023

Martin Wege via Cygwin writes:
> How can I find out whether the current Cygwin terminal has
> Administrator rights? I want to safeguard our admin scripts with a
> simple test and bail out with an error if someone wants to do admin
> stuff (say: regtool) without admin privileges.

Windows really doesn't have a defined notion of what is or is not an
"administrator".  Each particular definition will be insufficient or
invalid in certain contexts.  When you're dealing with hardened
installations (via group policies or otherwise), large windows domains
and/or server administration you may have to be way more specific than
just looking at one simple indication.

That said, most commonly the presence of SID S-1-5-32-544 in your user
token (in Cygwin: gid=544, unless you override it in the group config)
will be the best simple approximation.  Incidentally, this is what tcsh
is using on Cygwin to define the "superuser" for the purpose of setting
the prompt with "%#":

For (ba)sh scripts you can parse the output from id along the lines of

id -G | grep -q '\<544\>' && echo admin || echo "not admin"

should be most workable.

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