Cygwin console: Different default background color when terminal runs as Admin?

Jonathon Merz
Fri Aug 18 05:26:34 GMT 2023

On Thu, Aug 17, 2023 at 7:13 PM Martin Wege via Cygwin <>

> Just an idea: Could the default background color of the Cygwin console
> be changed from black to grey (or RED) if the terminal has been
> started with Administrator rights?

Assuming that:
1. The Administrators group is called "Administrators"
2. There aren't any non-administrative groups with "Administrators" in the
3. You're using mintty for your terminal

You can run the following in bash or zsh with the desired RGB values:

if [[ `id -Gn` == *Administrators* ]]
    echo -ne "\e]11;#FFBBEE\a";


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