[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: tzcode, tzdata 2022d

Cygwin tzcode/tzdata Maintainer Brian.Inglis@SystematicSW.ab.ca
Sun Sep 25 19:45:18 GMT 2022

The following packages have been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* tzcode	2022d
* tzdata	2022d

The Time Zone Database (often called tz, tzdb, or zoneinfo) contains
data that represents the history of local time for many locations around
the world, and supports conversion of UTC time to local time at those
locations to allow display of those local times. It is updated
periodically to reflect changes made by political bodies to daylight
saving (summer time) rules, UTC offsets, and time zone boundaries.
The tzcode package provides the tzselect, zdump, and zic utilities.

For more details on changes, please see the announcement or below:


Release 2022d	2022-09-23

* Palestine transitions are now Saturdays at 02:00.
* Simplify three Ukraine zones into one.

Changes to future timestamps

* Palestine now springs forward and falls back at 02:00 on the
  first Saturday on or after March 24 and October 24, respectively.
  This means 2022 falls back 10-29 at 02:00, not 10-28 at 01:00.

Changes to past timestamps

* Simplify three Ukraine zones to one, since the post-1970
  differences seem to have been imaginary. Move Europe/Uzhgorod and
  Europe/Zaporozhye to 'backzone'; backward-compatibility links
  still work, albeit with different timestamps before October 1991.

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