Bugreport Xwin (bug is back)

Cees Dam cees.dam@planet.nl
Tue Sep 20 18:10:26 GMT 2022

 Good day to you all, 

 The bug reported is in the Xwin executable: 


 $ xwin -version 
Welcome to the XWin X Server 
Vendor: The Cygwin/X Project 
OS: CYGWIN_NT-10.0-19044 Antec 3.3.6-341.x86_64 2022-09-05 11:15 UTC x86_64 
OS: Windows 10 [Windows NT 10.0 build 19044] x64 
Package: version 21.1.4-1 built 2022-08-13 

 The switch -silent-dup-error does not work anymore. 

 This bug is reported years ago and fixed. 

 But now it is back again. 

 With regards, 

 Cees Dam 

 The Netherlands 

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