[ANNOUNCEMENT] emacs 28.2-2 (64-bit only, TEST)

Eliot Moss moss@cs.umass.edu
Sat Sep 17 19:35:26 GMT 2022

On 9/17/2022 7:56 AM, Ken Brown via Cygwin-announce wrote:
> The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution as test releases.
> * emacs-28.2-2
> * emacs-basic-28.2-2
> * emacs-w32-28.2-2
> * emacs-gtk-28.2-2
> * emacs-lucid-28.2-2
> * emacs-common-28.2-2
> This is the same as emacs-28.2-1, but it is built with the native compilation feature (explained 
> below).


> The first few times you run Emacs, it might seem slow to start.  This is
> because it is compiling the elisp libraries that are needed for your init
> file (usually .emacs).  For the same reason, you might see occasional pauses
> the first time you use a command.  But otherwise you should see a noticeable
> speed-up of Emacs.

Actually, I am not seeing that.  The setup as provided does the native
compilation in deferred mode, which forks asynchronous native code
compilation, apparently while continuing to run byte code.  When the native
code is ready, it is swapped in, replacing the interpreted byte code.  So, if
your system has multiple cores (like mine) and is not overloaded, you may not
see slow down - only eventual speed up.

Thank you for this, Ken!

Eliot Moss

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