How to get setup to *re*install a package from the command line

Eliot Moss
Thu Sep 8 02:54:10 GMT 2022

Dear Cygwiners -

I've not been able to find a way to get setup, when used from the command
line, to *re*install an existing package, so as to repair any brokenness.

For context, I had my disk get trashed and restored from a cloud backup.
However, that tool is not entirely competent about everything, e.g., links.
Most programs work ok, but others clearly are not quite right.  So I want to
try re-installing all installed packages.  But there does not seem to be any
way to get command line setup to Reinstall something that is already
installed, though the GUI tool can certainly do it.

I have used cygcheck to get a list of the installed packages and want to do
this in a giant batch.  I have a lot of packages installed (though not the
entire universe!) so using the GUI to select things one at a time would be
very tedious.

Is the only alternative to do one run uninstalling all the packages, and then
another installing them?

Regards - Eliot

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