Ctrl+Space not working under Windows Terminal

Ricardo Urbina ricardo.urbina@gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 01:33:20 GMT 2022

Hi, I'm trying out Cygwin's Zsh within Windows Terminal because WT
integrates better with WSL, but Cygwin beats it for working on the Windows

However, I launched emacs and eventually noticed that Ctrl+Space doesn't
work when running under Windows Terminal. It doesn't work on jmacs, and
using a cygport of sendkey reveals that sendkey never gets the keypress.

I tried the old Console (cmd.exe) and ctrl+space doesn't work there either.
It works perfectly fine on Mintty though.

I asked about this on Windows Terminal's GitHub, and they tell me it's most
likely because Cygwin behaves differently with Mintty.

Is this a known issue, the Ctrl+Space not working on Windows Terminal? Is
there a known workaround?

Maybe I can access the WSL console from Mintty? As in directly, not via
ssh. That would be enough.

Thank you for your help

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