How to search this Archive

Adam Dinwoodie
Tue Oct 25 18:19:23 GMT 2022

On Tue, Oct 25, 2022 at 07:12:21AM +0000, Fergus Daly wrote:
> I know I have asked this before but because I cannot search the Archive I cannot find the query
> or any responses.
> One used to be able to type
> "keyword1 keyword2 .."
> into Google and depending on the search string(s) a slew of results appeared.
> This way, one could find all the posts that one had ever originated or contributed to; or every mention
> of chmod; or, with care, recover a particular thread. 
> Now, this approach still kind of works, but in such a restricted manner that the effort is not rewarded.
> (Either Google has changed practice or pipermail is not accessible in this way - as from memory
> was .. .. )
> I explored but to no useful effect.
> Is there a way to explore the entire archive back to 1997? I cannot find any hints at
> Thank you.

You could try -- I assume that's at
least semi-official, given it's hosted by, and it has a
search function and archives that seem to go back at least as far as

That'll also let you access the archives in a variety of other ways
(IMAP, Git, ...) so you can set up your own search tools, should you be
so minded.  (Use OfflineIMAP to clone the archives to a spare Gmail
account, then use Gmail's search tools, perhaps?)

Otherwise, you can browse the archive at  I'm not sure how you got to the site, but I don't think that'll ever get you very far!

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