ncurses-demo-6.3-1.20220416 not displaying any output

William Hu
Sat Oct 22 17:58:27 GMT 2022

Hi Brian,
> Works fine for me with all test packages upgraded to the same version and either
> shell restarted or DLLs rebased by setup.
> Please check that libncursesw10 has also been upgraded to the same version
> 6.3-1.20220416 e.g.
> $ grep ncurses /etc/setup/installed.db
> libncursesw10 libncursesw10-6.3-1.20220416.tar.bz2 0
> ncurses-demo ncurses-demo-6.3-1.20220416.tar.bz2 1
Yep, that was the problem! Thank you!

I think it might be more informative to either produce a warning about incompatible library versions rather than just silently exiting or requiring a certain minimum version of the library with the demos (not sure if that's possible with cygport). 


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