ncurses-demo-6.3-1.20220416 not displaying any output

Brian Inglis
Fri Oct 21 21:11:09 GMT 2022

On Fri, 21 Oct 2022 18:49:28 +0000, William Hu wrote:
> When trying to run the pre-built examples in the ncurses-demo-6.3-1.20220416
> package, nothing happens - the bash prompt simply scrolls to the next line. This
> happens for all the example programs, not just one.
> However, if I compile the ncurses examples from source locally on my machine
> with Cygwin, they run normally through a Cygwin prompt. Additionally, it
> seems the previous version (6.1-1.20190727) works fine too, so this seems
> like a bug in the latest version. I’m running Cygwin on 64-bit Windows 10 -
> let me know if you need more info.
Works fine for me with all test packages upgraded to the same version and either 
shell restarted or DLLs rebased by setup.

Please check that libncursesw10 has also been upgraded to the same version 
6.3-1.20220416 e.g.

	$ grep ncurses /etc/setup/installed.db
	libncursesw10 libncursesw10-6.3-1.20220416.tar.bz2 0
	ncurses-demo ncurses-demo-6.3-1.20220416.tar.bz2 1

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