Commands are hanging on Windows 2019

Derek Pagel
Mon Oct 17 20:23:00 GMT 2022

We haven't had any luck with finding the issue in the PATH.

However, we were able to replicate the following issue on Windows 2019; In the case of a sleep command hanging on version 3.3.6, running Procmon shows the command (C:\cygwin64\bin\sleep.exe 5) created with Process Create but there is no Process Start logged for the resulting PID.  The first operation for the PID is a DeviceIoControl on sleep.exe.  After that the logging looks normal for the PID (compared to a working sleep on v 3.3.4) except for some missing reads on Registry Keys.  The 8th operation is a LoadImage for sleep.exe and then nothing more is logged for the PID.  It seems to have lost its way at the very beginning of the process.

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On Wed, 12 Oct 2022 at 16:13, Derek Pagel via Cygwin wrote:
> We're seeing a bunch of commands (mv, which, rm) that are hanging or take a long time to complete on Windows 2019. It does not happen consistently but intermittently about once a week. The issue doesn't happen when running the cmd on the cmd line but when the cmd is called from another program. We can't replicate the issue from the command line. Is anyone familiar with this issue?

This sounds like an issue with your PATH containing some directories (e.g. network shares) that are slow.

If that's not enough to point you in the right direction, can you provide the information requested at the below link, so we've something more to go on?

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