New Windows open behind current ones rather than in front

Eliot Moss
Fri Oct 14 15:58:21 GMT 2022

Dear Cygwiners -

I am having an issue under Windows 11 where new windows, when spawned from the command line of (say) 
Cygwin bash or WSL2 bash come up *behind* current Windows.  This behavior seems new to Windows 11. 
Anybody know a setting or technique to control / change this?  Two examples:

- Spawn Word from Cygwin bash
- Spawn okular from WSL 2

If I spawn xterm from Cygwin bash, it comes up in front, but from WSL2 bash, it comes up behind.  My 
X server is the Cygwin one.  Happy to provide more details if this is not enough.

Best - Eliot Moss

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