guile 3.0.8: readline does not work - patch with also other fixes

Hannes Müller
Tue Oct 4 18:06:00 GMT 2022

Hi Guile-Maintainer,
Hi Marco Atzeri,

with e.g. guile 3.0.8-1 I noticed serveral problems.

Most important one is not working readline support. You may check in
guile via e.g.:
(begin (use-modules (ice-9 readline))(activate-readline))

With e.g. guile3.0-3.0.8-1.src the shared library guile-readline-0.dll
is created on Cygwin but guile-readline.dll is expected. This results
from guile since 3.0.6 does not load foreign libraries via libltdl.

With attached proposed 3.0.8-2.src, I fixed not only readline support
but also:
- gettext-devel and libgc-devel added to BUILD_REQUIRES
- libgmp-devel added to libguile3_0_devel_REQUIRES
- Removed --includedir=/usr/include/guile/3.0 from CYGCONF_ARGS since
it resulted in /usr/include/guile/3.0/guile/3.0. So in fact --
includedir should be only /usr/include, which is the default

Since I personally prefer implicit over explicit, I also removed all
default settings from CYGCONF_ARGS. But this fully depends on your
point of view.

Since I found no related Cygwin git package repository for guile3.0,
attached a related tar.gz file.


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