Retry / Continue dialog appearing frequently in setup for dll updates

Keith Christian
Sun Jul 31 11:36:39 GMT 2022

On two different Windows 10 machines, I see the Retry/Continue dialog
on numerous cygwin .dll files.
These are the only cygwin processes extant while setup is running:

C:\Users\keith>tasklist /v | findstr /c:ssh
sshd.exe                      5656 Services                   0
6,996 K Unknown         N/A
         0:00:00 N/A

C:\Users\keith>tasklist /v | findstr /c:cyg /i
cygrunsrv.exe                 3416 Services                   0
6,236 K Unknown         N/A
         0:00:00 N/A
cygrunsrv.exe                 3432 Services                   0
6,308 K Unknown         N/A
         0:00:00 N/A
setup-x86_64.exe             11092 Console                    1
282,596 K Running         10029233\keith
           0:03:40 1% - Cygwin Setup

Setup version is 9.19, Windows version is 10.0.19044 N/A Build 19044.
Setup might benefit from the "Continue" option having a checkbox or
separate button such as "Continue for all remaining" so that
"Continue" wouldn't require the user to click "Continue" endlessly
until all dll's are installed.
Displaying the version of setup in the main setup screen would also be
a nice feature.
Are "Retry" and "Continue" actions recorded in the setup.log files?
If not, this might be another enhancement.
(I'll send these ideas to the setup maintainer in a separate email.)P
If there is some sort of permission issue on this system, what
commands are recommended to troubleshoot and fix them?
I downloaded the latest setup yesterday specifically to see what
versions of coreutils were available.
I could see only coreutils 8.32, no coreutils 9 versions, even with
choosing Full, Test, etc. in setup.


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