Issues with Cygwin64 on Windows11

Sun Jul 31 06:11:17 GMT 2022

I've never had much luck with Cygwin64 and used the 32 bit version before.
Today I have no choice and I've installed Cyg64 on my new Win11 PC.

Here is the first major issue I faced. I can not create symbolic links:

Alex@Alexo ~
$ ls /cygdrive/C/XOL/

Alex@Alexo ~
$ ln -s /cygdrive/C/XOL/ work

Alex@Alexo ~
$ ls -all work
lrwxrwxrwx 1 Alex None 11 Jul 31 09:09 work -> /mnt/C/XOL/

Alex@Alexo ~
$ cd ~/work/
-bash: cd: /home/Alex/work/: No such file or directory

The link is created but I can not use it.
The only thing that I did not standard was to call installation folder
C:\Cygwin instead of default C:\Cygwin64

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards
Alex Kholodenko

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