Cygwin quiet-mode setup against local Repository authentication issue

Achim Gratz
Thu Jul 21 16:55:07 GMT 2022

Boris Unckel writes:
> we plan to have Cygwin distributed with our Softwarecenter package
> distribution. The process shall not require any user interaction. Due
> to security policies we don’t grant users direct access to the
> internet. The mandatory proxy blocks binary downloads. For this reason
> we have established a JFrog Artifactory remote repository for the
> whole Cygwin distribution. Accessing this repository by browser works
> without any issues, both with and without login.
> What can we do pass user / password for the –site destination without
> UI and without user interaction?

Why do you need user authentication and/or serve the files over HTTP(S)
instead of just providing a local repository to install from?

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