Cygwin quiet-mode setup against local Repository authentication issue

Boris Unckel
Thu Jul 21 14:41:21 GMT 2022

Dear Cygwin community,

we plan to have Cygwin distributed with our Softwarecenter package distribution. The process shall not require any user interaction. Due to security policies we don’t grant users direct access to the internet. The mandatory proxy blocks binary downloads. For this reason we have established a JFrog Artifactory remote repository for the whole Cygwin distribution. Accessing this repository by browser works without any issues, both with and without login.

Our command is like this (hostname with blanks obfuscated)

setup-x86_64.exe --only-site --site "https:// artifactory .local/ artifactory/cygwin/" --no-shortcuts --no-desktop --quiet-mode --root "C:\customfolder\cygwinx64\cygwin" --arch x86_64 --local-package-dir "C:\ customfolder \cygwinx64\cygwin-packages" --verbose --upgrade-also --categories Base --packages bash-completion,vim,vim-common,vim-doc

It might be due to an artifactory bug but anonymous access to the local repo is not working at the moment. When setup-x86_64.exe downloads the packages it receives a http code 401 and a popup to enter user/password shows up.

What can we do pass user / password for the –site destination without UI and without user interaction?

Kind regards

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