[ANNOUNCEMENT] Test: coreutils 9.0 (TEST)

René Berber rene.berber@gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 16:50:19 GMT 2022

On 7/19/2022 6:34 AM, Keith Christian wrote:

> The installed version of coreutils is 8.32-1.

Correct, latest release.

> I see coreutils-9.0-1.tar.gz referenced in setup.ini, but

Incorrect, there's a newer test version 9.1-1

> coreutils-9.0-1.tar.gz is not downloaded to disk.
> Setup.exe's version is 2.919, 64 bit.

I was replying to "normal" use of setup, i.e. install in one go.

> Whenever I update Cygwin, I first "Download without installing", then,
> run setup again and install from disk.
> I select View / All, choose Install, then expand All and set "Debug"
> to Default to save disk space.

You lost me here, I don't know what you are doing.

With the graphical interface of setup, in the select packages, I have to 
set View: Full, Search: coreutils, in the New column I expand the 
dropdown and select the test version, if I want the source package I 
select Src? checkbox (Debug is a separate package).

> After all new files are downloaded, I run setup and install from disk.
> This morning, coreutils-9.0-1 was not installed as again, it was not
> downloaded to disk,as mentioned above.

It seems that you are running some script, not what I was expecting.

> More suggestions are appreciated.

Do it by hand as I described, then adjust your scrip or whatever you are 
using (apparently you depend on setup.ini, which seems to be out of sync 
in your case).

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