I got a '~' showing up as the Title of my Window

Eliot Moss moss@cs.umass.edu
Fri Jul 15 19:17:27 GMT 2022

On 7/15/2022 12:44 PM, Kevin M. Wilson via Cygwin wrote:
> Greetings,    Well, I've gone and done something, and I don't know how to fix it...Please help!
> I start a terminal window on my windows machine, ssh'g to my Linux box. At the top lefthand corner of that window is a tilde, "~bash". The word disappears, leaving behind the 'tilde'. Plus, on the screen next to the prompt, a few seconds later...Another'tilde'. So...Suggestions?
> Kevin

Presumably this is an xterm (or something like it) and bash (or
whatever) is setting the window title.  This can be done by sending
an escape sequence to the terminal.  You might look through the
various bash settings regarding that - though I personally control
it with my own scripts.

Best - EM

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