EXTERNAL SENDER: Re: Issue with seteuid and openssh

Dale Lobb Dale.Lobb@bryanhealth.org
Thu Jul 14 01:47:04 GMT 2022

Greetings All,

  I got the chance to work on this issue some more today.  Unfortunately, none of the suggestions helped.  What I tried:

  1.  I verified that that the windows firewall is allowing port 22 inbound for the cygsshd service.  This has not changed since system inception last year.

  2.  I verified that the cygsshd service has a dependency on the tcpip service and I set cygsshd to delayed automatic start:  no change in behavior after reboot.

  3.  I installed the cygserver service and set it to delayed automatic start.  I changed the cygsshd service back to normal automatic start and added a dependency on the cygserver service: again, no change in behavior after reboot.

  I also verified that a windows console login will end the embargo on cygsshd after reboot, just as an RDP session will.

  Any other ideas?

Best Regards,

Dale Lobb

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> In the 2019 occurence of a similar problem, cygserver wasn't being used,
> so I would be interested and happy to hear if running it and waiting for it
> are enough to fix this.
> --Stephen
> On Wed, May 25, 2022 at 07:51:14PM +0200, Achim Gratz wrote:
>>Check the dependencies on both the cygserver and sshd service definitions.
>> You must start them after the network is up (make them both depend
>> on tcp_ip and sshd depend on cygserver) or they won't work correctly.
>>  On domain machines that sometimes still isn't quite enough, so I've set
>> them to "delayed start" in those instances and that seems to have fixed it.
>>Also check that the firewall allows connections through whatever port you've
>> configured sshd to use.
>>Dale Lobb wrote on 5/24/2022:
>>>Greetings All,
>>>  Has anyone seen an issue similar to this?
>>>  I have a VMWare virtual machine loaded with Windows Server 2016 OS and
>>>a Cygwin installation.  Cygwin runs an installed SSHD service via
>>>cygrunsrv.exe.  A data gateway engine on a different machine makes regular
>>>programmatic connections via SFTP to the server throughout the day.  This
>>>setup was established in 2021 and has run without issue for almost a year.
>>>  Last night, the server rebooted automatically after windows updates.
>>>After the reboot, the data gateway was then no longer able to connect to
>>>the server.  This condition persisted until I was informed of the issue
>>>this morning and connected to the Windows server using RDP to take a look
>>>at the issue, at which point the SSH connection suddenly started working.
>>>Further tests showed this to be entirely repeatable.  After rebooting the
>>>server, the SSHD daemon does not allow connections, neither with password
>>>nor public key authorization, until someone connects to the server via RDP,
>>>at which time the SSH connections suddenly starts working again.
>>>  The server's Windows application event log shows numerous errors from
>>>the SSHD daemon stating "sshd: PID <####>: fatal: seteuid 197108: No such
>>>device or address" during the time frame when SSH connection were not
>>>working.  The errors stop immediately when the RDP connection is recorded
>>>in the same event log.
>>>  A google search for the error message turned up something somewhat
>>>similar from this mailing list back in March of 2019, but there is no
>>>mention of RDP in that exchange.  Also, the advice given, to convert the
>>>SSHD service from running under the cyg_server account to LocalSystem, does
>>>not apply here, because the Cygwin installation is recent enough that it is
>>>already running under LocalSystem.
>>>  When this issue started, the server was running openssh-8.7p1-1.  The
>>>server was subsequently updated to the latest, openssh-9.0p1-1, but there
>>>has been no change in the observed behavior.
>>>Best Regards,
>>>Dale Lobb


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