[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Git v2.37.0

Adam Dinwoodie adam@dinwoodie.org
Sat Jul 9 12:11:06 GMT 2022

Version 2.37.0-1 of Git has been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution
servers, and should be coming soon to a mirror near you.

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system
designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with
speed and efficiency.

This is an update to the latest upstream release, and includes the
following packages:

- git
- git-cvs
- git-debuginfo
- git-email
- git-gui
- gitk
- git-p4
- git-svn

Selected highlights from the changelog:

> Git v2.37 Release Notes
> =======================
> UI, Workflows & Features
>  * "git -v" and "git -h" are now understood as "git --version" and
>    "git --help".
>  * The temporary files fed to external diff command are now generated
>    inside a new temporary directory under the same basename.
>  * "git log --since=X" will stop traversal upon seeing a commit that
>    is older than X, but there may be commits behind it that is younger
>    than X when the commit was created with a faulty clock.  A new
>    option is added to keep digging without stopping, and instead
>    filter out commits with timestamp older than X.
>  * "git -c branch.autosetupmerge=simple branch $A $B" will set the $B
>    as $A's upstream only when $A and $B shares the same name, and "git
>    -c push.default=simple" on branch $A would push to update the
>    branch $A at the remote $B came from.  Also more places use the
>    sole remote, if exists, before defaulting to 'origin'.
>  * "git remote -v" now shows the list-objects-filter used during
>    fetching from the remote, if available.
>  * Deprecate non-cone mode of the sparse-checkout feature.
> Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
>  * The performance of the "untracked cache" feature has been improved
>    when "--untracked-files=<mode>" and "status.showUntrackedFiles"
>    are combined.
>  * "git stash" works better with sparse index entries.
>  * "git show :<path>" learned to work better with the sparse-index
>    feature.
>  * "sparse-checkout" learns to work better with the sparse-index
>    feature.
> Fixes since v2.36
> -----------------
>  * Update a few end-user facing messages around EOL conversion.
>    (merge c970d30c2c ah/convert-warning-message later to maint).
>  * In Git 2.36 we revamped the way how hooks are invoked.  One change
>    that is end-user visible is that the output of a hook is no longer
>    directly connected to the standard output of "git" that spawns the
>    hook, which was noticed post release.  This is getting corrected.
>    (merge a082345372 ab/hooks-regression-fix later to maint).
>  * Updating the graft information invalidates the list of parents of
>    in-core commit objects that used to be in the graft file.

For a full list of the upstream changes in this release, please refer to
the upstream changelogs:



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