Warning message about not found stats package on R-4.2.1-1

Xavier Delaruelle xavier.delaruelle@gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 11:12:57 GMT 2022

Hello All,

I am using Cygwin through GitHub actions to test the software I maintain
(Environment Modules) on this system.

I would like to report that after the update to the new version of the R
package (4.2.1-1), a warning message appears about the "stats" package of R
which seem missing:

During startup - Warning message:
package 'stats' in options("defaultPackages") was not found

By comparing the hint file of this new package with the previous version
(4.1.2-1), we can observe that the liblapack0 dependency has been removed.

By manually installing the liblapack0 package, the warning message
described above disappear. So it seems that the "stats" module of R
requires this liblapack0 cygwin package to load properly.


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