[ANNOUNCEMENT] New: pass 1.7.4-1

Christian Franke Christian.Franke@t-online.de
Sat Jul 2 12:13:45 GMT 2022

The latest upstream release of pass (password-store) is now available in 
the Cygwin distribution.


'pass' is a command line tool which stores, retrieves and generates 
passwords securely using gpg. Optionally password changes could be 
tracked and synchronized with git.

Passwords could be temporarily pasted to /dev/clipboard or displayed as 
QR codes (requires package qrencode). Auto completion modules for bash, 
fish and zsh are included. A vim plugin disables insecure options during 
password editing.

'pass' uses gpg2 or gpg from the PATH, gpg2 takes precedence. Non-Cygwin 
versions of gpg2 or gpg are also supported if no Cygwin gnupg* Package 
is installed.

Christian Franke

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