Weird issue with file permissions

Ken Brown
Fri Jul 1 23:16:28 GMT 2022

On 7/1/2022 6:11 PM, Lavrentiev, Anton (NIH/NLM/NCBI) [C] wrote:
>> Cygwin does not do this on a standard installation.  Is it something you've done
> I did use the standard Setup and nothing else...  My $HOME looks fine, too:
> $ cd
> $ pwd
> /home/ANTON
> $ getfacl .
> # file: .
> # owner: ANTON
> # group: None
> user::rwx
> group::---
> other::---
> default:user::rwx
> default:group::r-x
> default:other::r-x

The "group" and "other" entries are surprising (to me), but maybe that's not 
important.  On my system I have:

$ cd

$ pwd

$ getfacl .
# file: .
# owner: kbrown
# group: None

> Whatever is on drive G: was mostly also created by Cygwin -- I was just simply moving stuff from
> $HOME to there using tar (IIRC)...  Initially, it was a clean and empty NTFS volume (brand new).
> So it was something like:
> $ mkdir /cygdrive/g/cygwin

At this point the permissions on /cygdrive/g/cygwin are influenced by the ACL on 
/cygdrive/g.  What I would typically do in this situation is

   getfacl ~ | setfacl -f - /cygdrive/g/cygwin

That way I'm sure I won't have any surprises with permissions when working in 
/cygdrive/g/cygwin.  Do you want to try that and see if it makes a difference?


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