Invalid relocation

Mark Geisert
Fri Jul 1 09:19:26 GMT 2022

Mark Geisert wrote:
> Hi Marco,
> Marco Atzeri wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Building latest flint package
>> all tests fail with
>> $ PATH="$(pwd)/bin:${PATH}" bin/ulong_extras-test-t-xgcd.exe
>> Cygwin runtime failure: 
>> /pub/devel/flint/flint-2.9.0-1.x86_64/build/bin/ulong_extras-test-t-xgcd.exe: 
>> Invalid relocation.  Offset 0x3913a070c at address 0x100401740 doesn't fit into 
>> 32 bits
>> Any suggestion on what to look for ?
> The common reason for this failure is a required DLL being rebased too high to be 
> reachable from the location where the relocation is being updated.  Check the .exe 
> with ldd: is the correct libflint*.dll being referred to?  (I.e., watch out for 
> stale DLLs in /usr/local/bin and such.  Been there.)

Forgot to add: you ./configure'd with --disable-static, right?


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