cygwin SFTP

Adam Dinwoodie
Sun Feb 27 16:00:22 GMT 2022

On Sun, Feb 27, 2022 at 04:07:25AM +0800, Sam Yang Zilong wrote:
> My question is whether Cygwin SFTP can be used on High Availability
> Servers? I am currently setting up 2 Servers, the project requirement is to
> have SFTP for HA. So if one of the servers goes down, sshd service will run
> on other servers.
> If yes, how  can I set up or configure that?
> If not, is there any application that can achieve my goal?

At a high level, I can't think of any reason Cygwin's OpenSSH server
couldn't be used as part of an HA setup.

However, what you need to make it work is going to be very dependent on
the specific HA setup you need, the hardware you're running on, the
network and infrastructure requirements, and so forth.  You're not going
to find a simple guide to setting this up, because there are simply too
many variables.  If you have specific questions, you might be able to
get practical help from the open source community, however things like
working out what the requirements are, or whether they can be met with
any given piece of software, is the sort of thing I would expect to pay
for if I couldn't do it in-house.*

I also do not think this mailing list is likely to be able to offer much
practical support: this list is devoted to Cygwin, and therefore to the
specifics of providing Cygwin's Linux-like environment and API on
Windows systems.  The complicated bits of setting up any HA environment
are at best tangential to that aim.  I think your starting point will
need to be working out what you need for these specific HA services
(a) on Windows and (b) using OpenSSH's SFTP server software, and coming
back to this list for help only when you have specific questions about
running OpenSSH in a Cygwin environment, and which you haven't been able
to answer based on the Cygwin FAQ and documentation.



* If you *want* to pay someone to help you with this, my day job for the
past 13 years has been software engineering for high-reliability
telecoms servers, including how to maintain HA SFTP service in that
environment.  My current rate would be £100 or €120 for an initial 50
minute consultation on this topic.  If you'd like to discuss that,
that's definitely off-topic for this list and you should contact me

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