Typed characters are mis-ordered when CPU usage is high

Orgad Shaneh orgads@gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 14:39:24 GMT 2022


I'm using cygwin runtime 3.3.4-2.

When a foreground job is running, and the general CPU usage of the
machine is high, characters are mis-ordered.

To reproduce, I use this script to produce load:

for i in $(seq $(nproc)); do
  while true; do :; done &

Run it in the background, then run a long foreground job, and while it
is running, type something.

$ spin.sh &
$ sleep 3 # While it is running, I quickly typed git status
$ sigt tatus

This reproduces on Windows Terminal and on cmd (Cygwin.bat)

Please CC me on replies, as I'm not registered to the mailing list.

- Orgad

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