cygwin SFTP

Sam Yang Zilong
Sat Feb 26 20:07:25 GMT 2022

Dear cygwin,

I am currently doing a project that requires an SFTP server. By searching
for a few days now, I have come across this amazing software, as it does
what I need.

However I have a question that I can't find an answer anywhere. That is why
I am writing this email to seek your help and verification.

My question is whether Cygwin SFTP can be used on High Availability
Servers? I am currently setting up 2 Servers, the project requirement is to
have SFTP for HA. So if one of the servers goes down, sshd service will run
on other servers.

If yes, how  can I set up or configure that?
If not, is there any application that can achieve my goal?

Wish you a great day and thank you for your time reading this email.

And I wish to hear from you soon.


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