Inconsistent handling of python3-module vs python3x-module packages

Achim Gratz
Sun Feb 20 17:54:09 GMT 2022

Adam Dinwoodie writes:
>> Patches to cygport to make this work better welcome!
> I _think_ most -- if not all -- the cygport infrastructure is already in
> place: cygport clearly already supports both virtual packages and
> "provides" listings, which are the only bits of this that I think are
> actually necessary.

This was implemented for Perl mainly and the corresponding patch to
cygport to request the correct virtual Perl package is still not

> The difficult part is just either (a) updating the
> cygport files for all the packages that would benefit, or (b) finding a
> way to have cygport work out that this is something it should do
> automatically.

The real problem is that python is multi-version on Cygwin and what's
considered the "main" version is going to change independently of
package releases, so the way it's done for Perl (or any other single
version package that has synchronized updates of dependent packages)
won't work.

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