autoconf tests for iconv fail with undefined refs

Lemures Lemniscati
Sun Feb 20 01:10:38 GMT 2022

On Sat, 19 Feb 2022 16:53:46 -0700, Brian Inglis
> On 2022-02-19 16:37, Lemures Lemniscati wrote:
> > On Sat, 19 Feb 2022 10:11:06 -0700, Brian Inglis
> >> On 2022-02-18 22:26, Lemures Lemniscati wrote:
> >>> On Fri, 18 Feb 2022 12:33:30 -0700, Brian Inglis
> >>>> Any idea why autoconf tests for iconv now fail with undefined refs to iconv{_open,,_close}! >>>> STC attached, log, -E output. Tried also with -l iconv.
> >>>
> >>> This will successfully build libisocodes-1.2.4 but some tests fail.
> >> Not so worried about that, just noticed that iconv conftest also failed in my recent findutils build which I released, missing libiconv functions and presumably substituting gnulib functions, although the iconv conftest passed in github scallywag.
> >> This may be the result of a change in gnulib or autoconf, which now sometimes fails when it should not.
> > Although `gcc iconv-test.c -liconv` should pass, it might have been used
> > for test, a command like either `gcc -liconv iconv-test.c`,
> > or `gcc iconv-test.c`.
> After conftest if iconv... is in libc, the next conftest compiles adding -liconv, and still fails.
> I'm going to look for most recent successful iconv conftest in config.log and compare the logs and configure scripts iconv sections to those in the failing findutils and libisocodes, to see if I can track it back to gnulib or autoconf changes to the compile flags or options, or at least enough info to file a bug report upstream somewhere.

It seems ok on my local environment. The iconv part of the log is attached.

cygport findutils.cygport download finish prep compile
cat -n findutils-4.9.0-1.x86_64/build/config.log | tail +35145 | head -676 > config_L35145.log

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