setting up new PC under Windows 11?

Russell VT
Fri Feb 18 05:53:58 GMT 2022

I believe all you need to do is to make sure your /etc/passwd file links
whatever account you want to use to the proper Cygwin UserID (ie. the one
listed in the tar file, if you want the "-p" flag to work in a
predictable fashion).

On Thu, Feb 17, 2022 at 3:21 PM Lester Ingber via Cygwin <>

> I just read in
> that:
> "But tucked away toward the bottom of the changelog is one unwelcome
> addition: like the Home edition of Windows 11, the Pro version will now
> require an Internet connection and a Microsoft account during setup.  In
> the current version of Windows 11, you could still create a local user
> account during setup by not connecting your PC to the Internet—something
> that also worked in the Home version of Windows 10 but was removed in 11.
> That workaround will no longer be available in either edition going
> forward, barring a change in Microsoft's plans.
> ...
> For those who want to use a local account, the best solution is to create
> a burner Microsoft account for use during setup and then to either create a
> new local user account or sign out of your Microsoft account once the OS is
> up and running."
> Since I have always relied on my same USERID to tar up and restore most
> of my Cygwin info, I question how to do that going forward?  For
> example, if I simply added a soft link under C:\Users\USERID_11 to my
> current USERID, would that suffice?:
> cd C:/Users/
> ln -s USERID_11  USERID
> would that work OK?
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