setting up new PC under Windows 11?

Lester Ingber
Thu Feb 17 23:20:34 GMT 2022

I just read in
"But tucked away toward the bottom of the changelog is one unwelcome addition: like the Home edition of Windows 11, the Pro version will now require an Internet connection and a Microsoft account during setup.  In the current version of Windows 11, you could still create a local user account during setup by not connecting your PC to the Internet—something that also worked in the Home version of Windows 10 but was removed in 11. That workaround will no longer be available in either edition going forward, barring a change in Microsoft's plans.
For those who want to use a local account, the best solution is to create a burner Microsoft account for use during setup and then to either create a new local user account or sign out of your Microsoft account once the OS is up and running."

Since I have always relied on my same USERID to tar up and restore most
of my Cygwin info, I question how to do that going forward?  For
example, if I simply added a soft link under C:\Users\USERID_11 to my
current USERID, would that suffice?:
cd C:/Users/
would that work OK?

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