Can the cygwin support scipy, pandas, sympy, jupyterlab?

Russell VT
Thu Feb 17 11:02:27 GMT 2022

FWIW, the general answer to "Can Cygwin do..." ... that's generally a
"Yes." The REAL question is how much you want to do this on Cygwin, versus
trying to do it on just a plain UNIX desktop. But, ultimately, Cygwin can
get you most of the way there, pretty easily ... the very last pieces may
take some more effort.

That said, I believe you are just asking about Python modules. Most of
those may, generally, be easily built through 'pip` and similar
module tools. That said, please reach out if you are having specific
problems with anything in the normal distribution.

Read: Getting the proper X / graphics libraries included enough that you
can generate any specific graphic format may be a more-direct question.

Cheers -

On Wed, Feb 16, 2022 at 11:37 PM Tatsuro MATSUOKA <>

> Can the cygwin support scipy, pandas, sympy, jupyterlab?
> The above is very popular in scientific field but the cygwin does not have
> the package.
> I used the internet search and was able to install those package python
> pip install.
> However, if thtse package can be installed without pip install, it will be
> grateful.
> Tatsuro
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