[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: man-db-2.10.0-1

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Tue Feb 8 18:54:16 GMT 2022

Andrey Repin writes:
> Turned out, I can easily reproduce it by
>> # rm -rf /var/cache/man && mkdir /var/cache/man && touch /var/cache/man/index.db && mandb
>> Purging old database entries in /usr/share/man...
>> mandb: can't update index cache /var/cache/man/2070: No such file or directory
>> Processing manual pages under /usr/share/man...
>> mandb: can't create index cache /var/cache/man/2070: Resource temporarily unavailable
> It creates CACHEDIR.TAG and cat1 cat3 cat5 cat6 cat7 cat8 subdirectories but
> that's about it. Nothing else is saved and the index.db is unmodified.

Well, that file it tries to create is a temporary file (the filename is
the PID of the process creating it), so if that same process can create
directories and files, but then fails to create abother file, something
else must be interfering with it.

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