cygpath not doing anything on a fresh install

Marco Atzeri
Tue Feb 8 18:02:09 GMT 2022

On 08.02.2022 17:04, Antonio Petrelli wrote:
> Il giorno mar 8 feb 2022 alle ore 15:57 Ken Brown  ha
> scritto:

>> I suspect that SentinelOne is interfering with Cygwin (see
>>  Can you disable it or
>> at
>> least exclude the Cygwin directory from whatever it does?
> No I can't, at least not immediately, it's controlled by the corporate.
> I think that SentinelOne can be safely put in the list of interfering
> software :-(
> Thanks anyway
> Antonio

as your corporate is paying for it, you can probably
open a ticket and complain about the behaviour

Maybe they will learn something...


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