Cygwin latest: grep and other self-compiled Cygwin-programs are crashing

Tue Feb 8 06:08:36 GMT 2022

Mario writes:
> grep-3.7-2 from your GIT-repo
> and compiled using "cygport"
> The linked binary grep.exe crashes

Either update gnulib (or at least threadlib.m4) or add

export gl_cv_have_weak=no

to the cygport (or set it as an environment variable during configure).

> Maybe the newer binutils require additional compiler flags, those haven't been provided yet?

The newer binutils changed they way weak symbols (which are not
available for non-ELF platforms) are treated for PE/PEP object files and
that triggered a latent bug in how gnulib tested for their usability.
The binutils issue is still under investigation, I expect that the next
release will have a fix.

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