Cygwin latest: grep and other self-compiled Cygwin-programs are crashing

Adam Dinwoodie
Mon Feb 7 22:37:21 GMT 2022

On Mon, Feb 07, 2022 at 09:33:11PM +0100, Mario wrote:
> Hello,
> With the latest Cygwin-DLL and C/C++ developer packages I am experiencing issues to run self-compiled programs.

Can you give a bit more detail about the issues you're experiencing, and
what the self-compiled programs are that you're experiencing them with?

It'd also be useful to know whether you've been able to compile these
programs previously, and if so, what (if you can tell) has changed about
your environment since they were working.

> I prepared an example using the grep-Package
> grep-3.7-2 from your GIT-repo
> and compiled using "cygport"
> The linked binary grep.exe crashes

I have been able to reproduce a failure compiling the latest grep;
running the below with `v=3.7-2` has the final command fail with a
SIGABRT and the output "grep: program error // Aborted (core dumped)".

curl"$v"-src.tar.xz | tar -xJ &&
cd grep-"$v".src &&
cygport grep.cygport prep compile install &&
grep-"$v".x86_64/inst/usr/bin/grep.exe grep grep.cygport

However, I don't see this with either `v=3.6-1` or `v=3.0-2`, so while
there's clearly something odd going on -- which I expect we'll need Eric
Blake and/or Brian Inglis to weigh in on, as grep co-maintainers -- this
sounds like a different issue, given you seem to be saying what you're
seeing affects anything that you compile yourself.

> It appears to me that there is an issue with threading. Building grep without thread-usage makes it runnable.
> Unfortunately, I didn't get any usable stack-trace.
> Maybe the newer binutils require additional compiler flags, those haven't been provided yet?

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