[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: man-db-2.10.0-1

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Mon Feb 7 20:35:02 GMT 2022

Andrey Repin writes:
> I've checked the database creation out of pure curiosity and it seems there's
> more than one issue with the process.
> 1. Running script from the setup postinstall process causes errors like
> /usr/bin/mandb: can't update index cache /var/cache/man/1384: No such file or directory
> (the full log attached)

Does /var/cache/man exist and are the permissions sane?  I guess I need
to make sure this gets created when installing the package, will note
that for the next release.

> 2. Manually forcing database creation with `mandb --create` causes multiple
> compilation errors to pop up (log attached)
> Errors like
> mandb: can't open /usr/share/man/vim.1: No such file or directory
> mandb: warning: /usr/share/man/man1/ex.1.gz: bad symlink or ROFF `.so' request
> Can somebody help me and explain, what's going on?

These are all bugs in various manpages and can be ignored.

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