In Cygwin console (not Mintty), escape sequences DL/IL at the last line misbehave

Koichi Murase
Thu Feb 3 12:41:29 GMT 2022

2022年2月3日(木) 21:10 Takashi Yano <>:

Thank you for your prompt reply and support!

> On Thu, 3 Feb 2022 19:02:14 +0900
> Koichi Murase wrote:
> > I'm not sure what this exactly is related to, but I guess pcon is
> > closely related.
> No, this is not related to pseudo console.

Also, thank you for the clarification. I am actually not good at the
structure of the TTY/console-related codes in Cygwin, but guessed you
have professional knowledge on it. I confess that I actually put these
words to catch your eye, though I haven't expected that you could
catch it in such a short time! Thank you very much!


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