Removing ^X in paths

L A Walsh
Thu Feb 3 02:23:29 GMT 2022

On 2022/02/02 12:40, Dennis Heimbigner wrote:
> It appears that windows now supports the UTF-8 codepage.
It has since early 2000's.
> I light of this, it seems time to change cygwin so it no longer adds those
> control-x (^X)  characters in e.g. path names.
^x is ASCII.  Cygwin doesn't insert ^X characters in paths.

Perhaps you are thinking of '\' which looks like ¥ (a capital 'Y' with 
2 horizontal lines, (Fullwidth Yen Sign  U+FFE5)...if that's the case, 
some 8-bit font
displayed that sign instead of a backslash in non-unicode locals.

Are you using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Cygwin?  on what version of 

If you still use a 32-bit version, you might need to move to a 64-bit 
I know the 32-bit version sometimes had the problem because it supported
fewer fonts and fewer characters at the same time.

You might check out your locale (if in english, try setting:
in your shell and also check that your used font has a backslash in the
0x7f position.

But in shell, ^x is usually a character to erase the whole line -- so it 
wouldn't do to have it in a PATH.

Hope this helps, and sorry if this is completely off base.



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