gpg-agent stuck at 100%

Marco Atzeri
Thu Aug 11 19:50:08 GMT 2022

On 02.08.2022 15:43, Henry S. Thompson wrote:
>> : cygcheck -c cygwin gnupg2
> cygwin 3.3.5-1  OK
> gnupg2 2.2.35-1 OK
> About once a week, gpg-agent starts consuming 100% of a CPU according
> to top, and any client that tries to get an answer from it hangs.
> kill -9 doesn't succeed.  Killing with Process Explorer works, and
> then everything is OK for another week or so.
> Anyone else experiencing this?  Any advice on how to debug?
> Thanks,
> ht

Hi Henry,

I have not noticed such issue, and my ssh-agent is always running
when cygwin is active.

Are you running the gpg-agent for a full week or it is just a average 
statistics ?


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