resolv.conf and gnupg2

Andrey Repin
Wed Aug 10 14:40:46 GMT 2022

Greetings, Christian Franke!

> Brian Inglis wrote:
>> I've been running with /etc/resolv.conf for a few years now, generated
>> from the ISP info from ipconfig and lists of public DNS servers and
>> suffixes.
>> The attached postinstall script 0p_l_etc_resolv_conf.dash generates a
>> new resolv.conf and replaces the current if different every update.
>> It is also run at cron startup and that covers system startup.
>> The AWK script collects names and addresses from ipconfig ouput and
>> adds lists of public DNS servers and public suffixes in the proper order.
>> How this works with other ISPs or in other network environments is not
>> anything I ever thought of testing externally.
>> Feel feel to try it and change it if curious or interested.

> This is an interesting approach, thanks for sharing.

> Unfortunately the ipconfig output is always localized, so this does only
> work OOTB with English versions of Windows. The ipconfig parsing is also broken due to two reasons:

> - The current Cygwin versions of awk, grep and sed no longer convert CR/LF
> -> LF on stdin, so '/FooBar$/' patterns never match.

> - ipconfig may output scoped IPv6 addresses ("fe80::1%12") which are not matched by the awk script.

> A draft patch is attached. It also avoids the tmp file and uses shell builtins where possible.

Why not use netsh with `chcp 65001`?

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Wednesday, August 10, 2022 17:33:04

Sorry for my terrible english...

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