Retry / Continue dialog appearing frequently in setup for dll updates

Jon Turney
Wed Aug 3 19:52:36 GMT 2022

On 31/07/2022 17:53, Keith Christian wrote:
> Hi Jon,

What did I just ask you not to do?  And then you go and do it!


> Ok, may I know what the procedure is to suggest enhancements?

Please explain what makes you think that it's going to be something 
other than "send an email to the list", like every other cygwin 
question/comment/suggestion/bug report...

> On Sun, Jul 31, 2022 at 9:07 AM Jon Turney wrote:
>> On 31/07/2022 12:36, Keith Christian wrote:
>>> (I'll send these ideas to the setup maintainer in a separate email.)
>> Please don't.
>> (I don't want to give anyone the idea that is an acceptable thing to do.)
You might also like to review [1].


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