Retry / Continue dialog appearing frequently in setup for dll updates

Ken Brown
Tue Aug 2 13:05:27 GMT 2022

On 7/31/2022 7:36 AM, Keith Christian wrote:
> On two different Windows 10 machines, I see the Retry/Continue dialog
> on numerous cygwin .dll files.
> These are the only cygwin processes extant while setup is running:
> Setup might benefit from the "Continue" option having a checkbox or
> separate button such as "Continue for all remaining" so that
> "Continue" wouldn't require the user to click "Continue" endlessly
> until all dll's are installed.

The standard advice is to shut down *all* Cygwin processes before running setup. 
  I don't see why we would want to make it easier for users to disregard that 

> I could see only coreutils 8.32, no coreutils 9 versions, even with
> choosing Full, Test, etc. in setup.

Choose the "Full" or "Up To Date" view, search for coreutils, and click the 
arrow at the right of the "New" column.  You should see "9.0-1 (Test)" as one of 
the available versions.


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