Window flickering problem in XWin multiwindow mode

Mark Geisert
Sat Apr 30 02:06:54 GMT 2022


S.J. Luo wrote:
> SL on Apr 26, 2022:
>> I have some EDA tools running on a Linux machine and display on my Windows
>> PC using xorg-server-21.1.3 XWin multiwindow mode
>> Sometimes the application window flickers forever for an unknown reason.
>> The problem became more severe after my PC upgrade to Windows10.
>> After re-compiling and debugging, I found a calling loop triggered.
>> Knowing the root cause, I am now able to demonstrate the issue with a small
>> test case as well as a patch that works for me. Both are attached below.
> Any one successfully duplicated the issue?

I've reproduced it.  That's a really annoying effect/issue you're seeing.  I've 
been waiting for the Cygwin X maintainer to respond.  I'm not familiar enough with 
X internals to know whether your patch is the most appropriate fix.

I will try to build the object you're patching, with your patch, and make that 
available to you as a workaround.  I'm assuming you haven't done that yourself 
just yet..  Give me a day or so to work it out.


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