A Question about Cygwin

yingxuemeimei@i.softbank.jp yingxuemeimei@i.softbank.jp
Wed Apr 27 02:00:21 GMT 2022

Dear Eliot Moss,

Thank you very much for your suggestion!
I’m running the command in the local machine with the local drive(drive c), it seems this will not deal with the cloud. ^_^

Best regards,
Yingxue QI

> 2022/04/27 10:29、Eliot Moss <moss@cs.umass.edu>のメール:
> On 4/26/2022 8:52 PM, yingxuemeimei@i.softbank.jp wrote:
>> To:the members of Cygwin
>> Hello.
>> Thank you so much for providing Cygwin.
>> Sorry to ask a basic question.
>> Q. I am going to use Cygwin to grep the files with the command below. As this will be done in my computer, the files will not uploaded to the servers/cloud of Cygwin by Internet.
>> Is my understanding correct?
>> command: grep -i -f FileA FileB > Output FileC
> I agree with Eric - Cygwin does not deal with the cloud directly,
> though programs running under it can.  I suppose an exception
> would be if your local machine mounts a remote disk drive, and
> you have Cygwin interact with files on that drive.  But it's
> not like a web browser and web pages that send tracking info
> to servers behind your back, etc.  It's pretty much like Linux.
> Best - Eliot Moss

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