error: CYGWIN_NT-10.0-x86_64 is not supported (yet?) on Windows 10

René Berber
Sun Apr 24 15:37:26 GMT 2022

On 4/24/2022 10:3 AM, John Balkunas wrote:

> Thank you!  It makes sense.  Upon further reading it looks like
> chrony's docs say it does not run on/support Windows.

That is not the same as not supporting Cygwin.

> Looks like I should be trying to get NTP running instead of Chrony
> for time clock syncing/updating on this Win10 machine.  Bet that will
> be fun.

I wouldn't give up, chrony probably works out of the box, it just needs 
to accept that the environment is Linux-like.

> Thanks again.

You are welcome.
René Berber

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