License for clang patch "7.0.1-cygwin-driver.patch"

Samuel Bronson
Fri Apr 8 22:22:01 GMT 2022

The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
that has been posted to gmane.os.cygwin as well.

I was thinking of trying to upstream the patch at:
--text follows this line--;a=blob;f=7.0.1-cygwin-driver.patch;h=8f2419846f3d649b81282868d8cd94de574a50f8;hb=e1fccf772aa5add40bba9050abeea188c62acbdd

But I expect the LLVM people would want to make sure that the changes
are licensed appropriately.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything about the licensing of the
packaging files in that packaging repository, nor do I see anything
about a licensing policy for packaging files on the page

It doesn't exactly help that the LLVM project are in the midst of
relicensing their code, and the new policy only landed after the 8.x
branch, so even a "same as upstream code unless otherwise specified"
policy would only really help W.R.T. Achim Gratz's update of the patch
from clang 8.x to clang 9.x.

The current licensing policy for LLVM is described at:

Any ideas about this?

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