[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygutils 1.4.16-7

Doug Henderson djndnbvg@gmail.com
Sun Sep 26 18:41:58 GMT 2021

On Sun, 26 Sept 2021 at 03:41, Mark Geisert <mark@maxrnd.com> wrote:
> Hi Takashi,
> >
> > Currently, putclip calls OpenClipboard()/CloseClipboard() four
> > times. Is there any reason why closing and reopening clipboard
> > several times?
> I don't know why the author coded putclip that way.  Perhaps Windows required
> different clipboard interfacing long ago?  Or the author was being very cautious?
> > Is there any problem if you open clipboard once and close it at
> > the end of function int putclip() just like the patch attached?
> >
> > The problem above disappears if the patch is applied.

Does the code save the clipping to the clipboard with multiple
formats? e.g. an ascii format, a utf-9 and a utf-16 or even an html
version? I Don't recall how you had to code the clip operation so the
paster can choose the best format to paste. I think mintty does this
so that a text editor can paste the text from the screen, but a html
editor can paste the maked-up text with bolding, underlines, etc.

If you have turned on "Clipboard history" and/or "Sync across devices"
in the Clipboard Settings, in at least some versions of Windows 10,
there is an internet round trip to a Microsoft server that causes a
delay between the copy-to-clipboard operation and when that clip is
available for a paste-from-clipboard operation. If you perform a
Ctrl-C immediately followed by a Ctrl-V, i.e., before the round trip
completes, you will paste the previous clipboard contents instead of
the expected new content.


Doug Henderson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada - from gmail.com

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